Wat doet meijer imc?

Welcome on the website of Meijer Interim Management & Consultancy (IMC) b.v. To get an impresion of the founder, Harry Meijer, please start the movie on the website. 

Meijer IMC advices in Real Estate and (higher) Education and has experience in as well Profit as Not-for-profit Organisations. The services are guidance in Organisational Chance, Interim Management, Process Management, Project Management, Consultancy and Training.

Meijer IMC is gevestigd in Groningen

"An Organisation is like a city: very complex"

Interim Management

Meijer IMC has a track record and years of experience on several positions in Organisations in the Netherlands. 

Examples of recent Interim Management assigments:

  • Organisational change after merger between two Housing Associations: spliting up two departments 
  • Bridging Management: temporarely Interim Management (in case of pregnancy or illness) 
  • Coaching / consultancy management
  • Interim Management at University of Applied Sciences


Meijer IMC adviced on:

  • Organisational change (operational, tactical and strategic level) 
  • Consultancy reports
  • Second opinion
  • Intermedior


Education (Universities of Applied Sciences)

Experiences of MeijerIMC in Real Estate, Building Environment and Business Administration / Management

  • Author several Modules
  • Tutor
  • Program Manager
  • Supervisor Thesis (Real Estate and Business Administration and Marketing) - languages English, Dutch and German 

Meijer IMC b.v. is sponsoring the Kasulu Foundation in Tanzania so young children can go to school.  Information on www.kasulu.nl